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If you’re new to the world of CBD, there are probably a lot of different terms you’re hearing for the first time. What exactly are cannabinoids? What is broad-spectrum vs. full-spectrum CBD? How do I measure milligrams (mg) vs. milliliters (mL)? What does “a trace amount of THC” mean?

All of these questions are good ones to ask, and the answers can deepen your understanding of what CBD is, how it works, and how it can benefit your health and wellbeing. The type of CBD you take can affect how well it works within your body, which is why full-spectrum CBD is often the best choice.

Where Does CBD Come From?

The Cannabis sativa plant is the main source of CBD in the United States. CBD is a chemical compound belonging to a group known as cannabinoids, of which there are more than a hundred known to exist in cannabis.

Industrial Hemp vs. Marijuana

Not all Cannabis sativa plants are legal sources of CBD. The federal government requires CBD be sourced from Cannabis sativa plants which contain less than 0.3% of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC. These strains are officially classed as industrial hemp.

To legally sell CBD-containing products, manufacturers must source their CBD from industrial hemp. Cannabis plants that contain more than the legal limit of THC are classed as marijuana. Yummy CBD only sells products made with CBD from organically grown American industrial hemp.

CBD has many beneficial effects on the human body. So do other cannabinoids contained in industrial hemp. Each has a slightly different chemical construction, giving them a slightly different effect. Taken together, they deliver a powerful, holistic experience for users seeking to supplement their current wellness program.

Breaking Down the Cannabinoid Alphabet

As mentioned above, industrial hemp contains a number of other cannabinoids, which can be combined with CBD to boost the overall experience. This is known as the entourage effect, which we will cover in more depth later in this article. 

However, once you begin researching cannabinoids, you’ll notice that many of them go by letter abbreviations. While this is easier than typing out the entire compound, it does make research feel like sifting through alphabet soup. 

To save time, here’s a brief overview of the most common cannabinoids found in CBD products, both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum. 

What’s So Special About Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are produced by both people and plants. The human endocannabinoid system (ECS) produces endocannabinoids to regulate a wide range of bodily functions, and phytocannabinoids produced by plants can safely interact with these receptors. 

There are over 100 known cannabinoids, of which at least 85 have a measurable effect on the human body. Each one is unique, but many have only minor differences between them. Addressing them all would be time-consuming and repetitive, so we’ll be focusing on the ones you’re most likely to benefit from in a CBD product. 


Cannabidiol is one of the most well-known cannabinoids. It has natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, and can provide numerous health benefits. CBD works on your body’s endocannabinoid receptors to alleviate stress, reduce pain and inflammation, boost appetite, and improve the quality of your sleep. Combined with other cannabinoids, it can work even better.  


As raw hemp matures, a lot of THC oxidizes into cannabinol, or CBN. While it has relaxing properties, it is not an intoxicant and cannot get you high. Instead, it works on a deeper level to modulate how your immune system responds to stressors. This makes it extremely beneficial for those trying to improve their sleep and relax.  


Derived from cannabigerolic acid, cannabigerol is similar to CBD, but works on different receptors. CBG can strengthen the effect of anandamide, a neurotransmitter responsible for alleviating pain and inflammation. It can also boost feelings of pleasure and motivation, making CBG a powerful addition to any CBD product. 


Cannabichromene is often called the ”mother of all cannabinoids” due to its many benefits. CBC shares many of the same qualities as CBD, and they enhance one another when taken together. CBC has also been linked to neuroprotection and regeneration, giving it a reputation as a brain food. 


While close cousins with cannabidiol, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is fundamentally different, and regulated on a federal level due to its psychoactive effects. In larger doses, it can induce feelings of euphoria, but trace amounts simply boost the efficacy of CBD. Full-spectrum CBD products include these trace, legal, and non-intoxicating amounts of THC to round out the rest of the cannabinoids and improve your experience. 


Terpenes are compounds responsible for the smell, taste, and color of the cannabis plant. While not notably effective on their own, terpenes have been shown to enhance the effect of cannabinoids, which is why full-spectrum CBD products include them.  


Flavonoids are pharmacologically active compounds found across the plant kingdom. Certain flavonoids are specific to the cannabis plant, called cannaflavins. Cannaflavin A has anti-inflammatory properties potentially stronger than those found in aspirin, while cannaflavins B and C are currently being studied for potential benefits. 

Other flavonoids found in hemp, including Quercetin, Orientin, Silymarin, and Kaempferol, are also known to have anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antioxidant effects. 

Understanding the CBD Spectrum

Now that we’ve broken down the compounds commonly found in cannabis, it will be easier to understand the CBD spectrum. CBD products come in three primary types: CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD, and full-spectrum CBD. 

CBD Isolate

Like the name implies, CBD isolate contains nothing besides cannabidiol. No other cannabinoids, no terpenes, no flavonoids, and no THC. Just the purest form of CBD, usually suspended in a plain oil like coconut oil.

This is where many people start with CBD treatment. However, without other compounds to enhance the CBD, your results might be lackluster. If this is the case for you, don’t stop there. The added ingredients found in broad-spectrum and full-spectrum products might be exactly what you need.

Broad-Spectrum CBD

If CBD isolate isn’t doing the trick, you might have better luck with broad-spectrum CBD. These products contain additional cannabinoids to enhance your experience, and may include selected terpenes and flavonoids as well. 

Full-Spectrum CBD

If you want to reap the benefits of the entire hemp plant, full-spectrum CBD is the way to go. Full-spectrum products contain cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and a trace amount of THC. The amount of THC is only enough to enhance the entourage effect, not enough to generate a psychoactive reaction in your body or make you “high.” 

The full-spectrum benefits are boosted by the fact that THC has the highest capability for interacting with receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in your body, which connects to the central and peripheral nervous systems to modulate bodily functions like sleep, mood, metabolism, and pain signaling. 

By including all compounds from the hemp plant, you can generate a collective effect that is more than the sum of the individual cannabinoids. This creates a more balanced, effective, and well-rounded experience. 

The Benefits of Full-Spectrum CBD 

When compared to CBD isolate and even broad-spectrum CBD, full-spectrum products deliver more powerful benefits. You can use Yummy CBD products to boost different aspects of your health, improving your overall wellness. 


CBD and CBN are the most effective cannabinoids for sleep, and CBG can help regulate sleep and rejuvenate your brain while you rest. These cannabinoids are easily combined with melatonin, which can help you establish a healthier, more fulfilling sleep schedule.  


Many people take CBD as needed to help manage anxiety symptoms. Some take it in the morning to help stabilize throughout the day, while others take it in the evening to unwind. Regardless of how and when you dose, the components in full-spectrum CBD work together to relax your body and mind, alleviating anxiety. 

Pain Relief 

People with chronic pain have recommended CBD products for decades, citing their anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities. Full-spectrum CBD enhances these effects, as cannabinoids like CBG can further disrupt pain signals.

Options for Taking Full Spectrum CBD

Yummy CBD full-spectrum products allow you to safely ingest your CBD dose in one of two ways:

CBD Oils

Oil tinctures are designed to be taken sublingually, for the fastest absorption into your system. Putting the CBD oil under your tongue lets it naturally soak into the soft sublingual tissues and be taken up by the capillaries, which are the smallest blood vessels in the body. From there, the CBD hits your bloodstream quickly and starts taking effect in as little as 20 to 30 minutes.  

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are quick and easy to take, since you just chew and swallow. They can also be more convenient to take on the go, since there is no bottle and dropper to contend with. Since gummies do go through your digestive system and the first stage of metabolism, it can take up to an hour or longer for you to start feeling the effects.  

Getting Started

Start off with CBD slowly, setting a small dose for yourself and keeping a journal of how it affects you. Try to stick to a routine for at least 30 days before tweaking the dose, so you have a baseline for how it works with your system. Pay attention to how taking it at different times of day or with different foods changes its effects.

Your Yummy CBD Options  

All Yummy CBD products are made from organically grown full-spectrum CBD sourced from industrial hemp. Our most popular CBD items include original and sleep versions of both CBD oils and CBD gummies. Every batch is tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure optimal consistency and potency and to verify THC amounts are well below the trace legal limits.

This means you can confidently use and benefit from full-spectrum CBD products during the day or night, at home or on the go. With all of our different options, you can find the ideal CBD product for you, or mix and match different products according to your unique schedule and needs. 

Yummy CBD Oil Tinctures

Yummy CBD oil tinctures are made from our classic organic hemp-based CBD infused into MCT coconut oil. Each version is gently flavored for an enjoyable dosing experience. 

A bottle of Yummy CBD oil contains 30 mL of tincture, and comes with a dropper that has a dose measuring guide on the side. A single mL serving is approximately 20 drops of oil. You can shift your dose up or down a few drops at a time until you find the amount that works best for you.

You’ll note that the Sleep version has double the amount of CBD per mL compared to the Original version. Make sure to remember this if you buy both bottles, and take it into account when using the provided dosage droppers!

Yummy CBD Gummies

Yummy CBD gummies are made with the same carefully sourced, organic hemp-based CBD as our oil tinctures. The gummies come in a pouch with a mix of watermelon, green apple, pineapple, and grape flavors. You can choose from Original or Sleep versions, and enjoy the convenience and discretion of dosing anywhere, anytime, just by popping a gummy!

There is no difference between the CBD dose between the Sleep and Original gummies. You’ll also notice that the amount of CBD per “serving” is less in the gummies compared to the oils. This makes it easier for you to dose yourself in smaller amounts, and move your dose amount up and down depending on how many gummies you eat at a time. 

Ready to learn more about full-spectrum CBD benefits? Check out our comprehensive Buyer’s Guide. Then head over to our SHOP page and explore your options!