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About Us

Trusted Source for CBD Products

Fun name. Serious business.

Yummy CBD is a trusted source for quality, safe, and effective CBD products. We know it is important to feel confident and comfortable with the CBD products that you introduce to your body. So, to ensure you get the best products on the market today, we take this business very seriously. No scrimping. No short-cuts.

Our full line of edibles, tinctures, and topicals contain pure CBD extracted from American grown, organic industrial hemp. Every product is made with high-quality ingredients, independently tested and certified, and in compliance with Federal regulations. In other words, they are really REALLY good, totally safe, and fully compliant.

Not to mention, Yummy CBD products taste great. Product taste is one of the biggest complaints people have for not liking CBD. This is why we sourced the most yummy, favorite flavors to enrich our products and delight our consumers with a great taste experience. We only use natural and organic flavoring derived from fruits and herbs to give our CBD gummies and CBD oils the best-tasting flavor profiles on the market today. In addition to using the finest natural ingredients, we utilize clean, high-grade extraction and purification methods to ensure our CBD is free of impurities and contaminants, so there is no bad taste from chemical solvents and residues that you experience in other brands.

To provide consumers with CBD they can trust to be safe and effective, Yummy CBD maintains extremely high standards for quality and transparency from seed to sale. Our products meet or exceed all requirements from industry regulations throughout the United States.

  • Made from high-quality industrial hemp, which has less than 0.3% THC.
  • Compliant with 2018 Farm Bill, U.S. Controlled Substance Act (US CSA).
  • Grown and harvested at 100% Organic certified USA-based farms.
  • No GMOs and free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, solvents, and fungus.
  • Processed at USDA Organic Certified and MOSA-approved facility.
  • Tested and Certified by Third-Party Laboratory for Purity and Potency.
  • Meets “Maximum Yumminess” stamp of approval; personally taste-tested by Will.

Since you’re here, you might as well get to know a little more about us…and why so many people have come to trust and love our products.

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Quality-Assured, All-Natural CBD Products

Our meticulous commitment to quality starts with sourcing exceptional botanicals. We exclusively use non-genetically modified (GMO-free) organic hemp grown and harvested by our partner farms here in the USA. The hemp is farmed in accordance with the strict guidelines and quality control standards set forth by the Department of Agriculture.

Moreover, our products are made with pure, natural cannabinoids compounds derived from hemp (not marijuana), which has less than 0.3% THC and meets Federal regulations for legal, safe CBD consumables. (So, it is 100% compliant and does not cause any “mind-altering” effects.)

To further ensure the purity and safety of our products, we maintain very high extraction and purification standards. All hemp is processed using clean, environmentally friendly methods. Moreover, all production is done at our FDA-registered facility in small batches to achieve consistency and safeguard quality. Every step of our proprietary process is done with the highest attention to detail to produce the cleanest, most pure CBD. As a result, our extracts, oils, and distillates are guaranteed free of impurities and contaminants; they contain NO pesticides, chemical fertilizers, solvents, or fungus.

If we weren’t 100% confident it was safe and good for our friends and families, we would never sell it to you. If we did, we would get in so much trouble with our moms.

Lab-Tested and Certified CBD Products

To ensure quality, consistency, and safety, each and every Yummy CBD product is carefully scrutinized and must meet rigorous criteria for excellence.

All our products go through third-party, independent lab testing, so you can be confident that you are getting the safest, highest quality CBD. Before being approved for sale, we send a sample of every batch produced to a reputable, independent laboratory for rigorous analysis and certification. Third-party testing certifies the purity and potency of our CBD as well as provides transparent lab results to ensure that all Federal regulatory standards are met.

To provide complete transparency to our customers, every Yummy CBD product package is printed with a QR code linked to that batch’s lab results (Certificate of Analysis or CoA), so you know exactly what is (and isn’t) in your product. The lab report even lists the location of the farm where the hemp was grown…in case you want to stop by and say “hi” to our farmers.


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