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CBD has turned into a household name. There are a variety of CBD products on the market, and one popular way to try it is through CBD vapes. 

While CBD may be gaining mass acceptance, vaping is a controversial practice surrounded by misinformation. Does vaping CBD change the way it might impact health? What kind of effects can be expected?

Be advised that there is growing evidence that shows that vaping can cause damage to the lungs.  So, before you try vaping, be sure to do your research regarding the risks.

Keep reading because we are about to dive deeply into CBD vapes and what you need to know about them. 

What Is a CBD Vape?

CDB vapes are battery-powered devices that provide an alternative to traditional smoking. Instead of inhaling smoke and other harmful combusted materials, CBD vapes create a vapor that gets inhaled into the lungs. 

Vaping CBD delivers nearly the same type of speedy effects as smoking CBD does. And it may have fewer negative consequences. 

Anatomy of a CBD Vape Device

CBD vape devices usually have three parts. They include a battery, coil, and mouthpiece. The battery produces enough power to heat up the coil, which in turn heats up the CBD vape juice. 

Once the juice gets hot enough, it gets converted into vapor. Then, all you have to do is inhale the vapor into the lungs using the mouthpiece. 

Some vapes are rechargeable and refillable. These types are usually larger, like the size of a deck of cards, but thicker. And they can be pricey, costing upwards of $100. 

Others are completely disposable. You can purchase them from a convenience store and toss them into the trash once the vape juice inside is gone. 

CBD Vapes Ingredients

Most of the time, CBD vape juice is a simple recipe of three ingredients, plus some flavors. The simpler the ingredients list, the better. The three ingredients are CBD extract, vegetable glycerine, and propylene glycol. 

These last two are the most common carrier agents for any type of vape liquid, not just CBD. They are safe to be consumed according to the FDA and are water-soluble. 

CBD does not dissolve well into vegetable glycerine. So it is usually mixed into propylene glycol first, then the vegetable glycerin gets added. 

Lastly, flavoring may get added to help create a nice vaping experience. Natural and artificial flavorings are used regularly among CBD vapes.

The most high-quality CBD vapes have only the necessary ingredients to create a smooth and flavorful vapor. They are mixed with only natural ingredients. That way consumers can avoid putting unnecessary compounds into their lungs. 

It may be best to steer clear of any CBD vapes that list more than these few things on their ingredients list unless you are looking for a specific addition. 

For example, you might be able to find a CBD vape with added melatonin if you are looking for a product that offers support with finding a good night’s sleep. 

CBD Vape Juice and CBD Oil – What’s the Difference?

CBD oil is a blend of CBD extract and carrier oil. 

There are three different types of CBD extract that can be used. They include full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate. 

Full spectrum CBD extracts are reminiscent of the whole hemp plant. They contain all the cannabinoids and compounds that are present in hemp alongside CBD. This includes trace amounts of THC. 

Broad spectrum CBD is similar in the sense that it contains most of these other compounds. But it is unique because all THC is fully removed from the extract. 

CBD isolate is completely refined until it is pure CBD. 

To make CBD oil, one of these types of extracts gets mixed with a carrier oil so that the body can properly absorb it. There are lots of different kinds of carrier oils available. These are some of the most popularly used ones: Coconut Oil, MCT Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, and Hemp Seed oil.

Although they may look and sound the same, CBD vape juice and CBD oil are not the same. 

CBD vape juice is specially formulated with vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. It gets prepared so that it can turn into a vapor suitable for inhalation. The products used to make CBD vape juice are almost always safe for ingestion. Because of this, you can usually take CBD vape juice orally. 

However, this is not the case with CBD oil. CBD oil is a simple mixture of CBD extract and carrier oil like the ones mentioned above. Simple CBD oils are not formulated for vaporizaation and should never go into in a vaping device. It can cause some serious negative health consequences

Why Try a CBD Vape?

One of the advantages of trying CBD vape pens is that you can adjust the dosing and concentration to your specific preference. And the effects of vaping come on much more rapidly than alternatives like edibles or topicals. So vapes are good for producing fast-acting effects when needed. 

Always follow the instructions for your device and make sure that it is properly set up. CBD vapes may seem the same, but the differences can be substantial. 

You may need to adjust the temperature settings or fit pieces together depending on the type of CBD vape you try. 

Take lighter puffs the first couple of inhales while you get a feel for the airflow. Everyone responds to CBD differently. Start slow and plan to adjust your routine as you find what works best for you. 

Do CBD Vape Pens Help Anxiety?

Research suggests that people may experience therapeutic benefits from trying CBD vapes, just like trying other CBD products. 

A large number of studies have found evidence that CBD can help with things like anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more. 

A study conducted in 2011, gave people who experienced social anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorders either a 400-milligram dose of CBD or a placebo. The results showed that those who actually took the CBD experienced overall reduced anxiety levels and were able to function better. 

Other studies even show that PTSD and its symptoms, like nightmares and negative flashbacks, can be reduced with the use of CBD. Although, it is important to note that more studies need to be completed to determine why this might happen. 

CBD’s effects vary between each person. Things like body weight, biology, metabolism, diet, and dosage amount will all have an impact on how CBD differently affects people. 

It also seems to be dose-dependent, meaning that there might be different effects depending on how much CBD is taken. For example, small amounts of CBD may have a slight energy-boosting effect, whereas a larger dose of CBD may cause more mellow feelings of relaxation. 

Will a CBD Vape Cause Intoxication?

It’s a common question people have regarding CBD products. Will a CBD vape get you high? 

The interest may stem from the fact that hemp is a type of cannabis plant just like marijuana. However, hemp has high concentrations of CBD, and marijuana has high concentrations of THC. 

THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main cannabinoid present in marijuana. It has powerful psychoactive effects that can alter a person’s physical and mental state for hours. 

But unlike THC, CBD has no intoxicating effects. CBD has a range of other therapeutic benefits. 

It is well known that CBD may help a variety of things with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. And it does all of this without causing any kind of intoxication. The World Health Organization has stated that CBD is well-tolerated and has little risk of dependence or abuse. 

This is why CBD is such a great option for those who want to feel better without taking any big risks or changes to their routine. 

Alternatives to CBD Vapes

CBD can be taken in a number of different ways, in addition to vaping it. Different delivery methods will create slightly different effects for everyone. 

CBD vapes are great for those who want near-instant effects. It is one of the fastest ways to administer CBD and have it start working. That is because it gets absorbed through the tissues in the lungs and gets straight to the bloodstream. It completely avoids the first pass metabolism that happens to edibles. 

It also creates strong effects, so it is a good option for those with a high tolerance level or who want a potent dose at a specific time. 

However, the effects do wear off faster than other delivery methods. If you want to feel the effects of CBD throughout the day, you will need to vape regularly to maintain the effects. 

One more reason someone might prefer a CBD alternative to a vape is that it requires inhaling into the lungs, which is a practice that some CBD consumers are uncomfortable with. 


Edibles are a great alternative to vaping as they produce strong effects that take hours to dissipate. You can take a CBD edible once, or a couple of times during the day and enjoy strong effects that last many hours. For people trying to find the maximum support for varying conditions, edibles may be a potent option that works well. 

CBD gummies are a type of edible that is discreet, potent, and convenient. CBD gummies come predosed with a certain amount of CBD. About 25 milligrams is the average amount of CBD per gummy, but this can vary between brands. 

Whether gummies come with more or less CBD in each bite, they are easy to adjust the dosage. You can take half a gummy as desired or more. 

There is no mess and gummies can easily be transported. This makes them a great option for those who travel with CBD. Vapes are known to leak and cause a mess. But gummies can stay safe and clean in a lunch box, purse, or travel bag. There is no odor that comes from them. And when you want to take one, you can chew it without drawing any attention. 

You should take an edible at least half an hour before you want it to take effect, as it has to travel all the way through your digestive tract before it gets metabolized and absorbed by the bloodstream. 

It can even take up to two hours for some people to feel the effects of CBD gummies, so it is important to take them ahead of time and be patient. Try to wait a full two hours before taking any more gummies to make sure you don’t take more than you need to. 

Oils and Tinctures

CBD oils and tinctures are liquid forms of CBD that can be taken orally or tried topically. 

CBD oils (which we covered above) consist of CBD extract that is suspended in a carrier oil, like MCT oil. 

CBD tinctures are CBD extracts made with an alcohol base. CBD tinctures can have a bitter flavor that is left behind by the processing method. Because of this, they are often mixed with other ingredients like sweeteners, flavors, and extra vegetable glycerin to make them more enjoyable. Some tinctures may also include extra ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts. 

CBD oils and tinctures are easy to dose and can be mixed with foods and beverages. And since they can be absorbed through the sublingual tissues of the body, they have a faster onset of effects than edibles do. It can take around as little as 20 minutes for effects to kick in for some after sublingual application. 

The portion of the oil or tincture that is swallowed still travels through the digestive tract the same way other edibles do. Because of this oils and tinctures can have strong effects that come on quickly and last a long time as well. 

CBD oils can also be applied topically for fast on-the-spot support. Tinctures do not work the same way, unfortunately, and won’t have any impact being rubbed on the skin. 

Find CBD That Works For You

CBD vapes may be a great option for those who want the fastest way to feel the calming effects of CBD. They offer an alternative to smoking while still providing an inhalable option for CBD delivery. 

The best CBD vapes have only three ingredients, plus natural flavors. However, there are plenty of other ways to try CBD if vaping is not for you. 

Check out our CBD buyers guide to pick up the most essential information you need to make a well-informed CBD decision.