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Like most health supplements and quality wellness products, high-quality CBD products are not cheap, so you want to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. At Yummy CBD, we work hard to create a premium product make with the best ingredients, extraction methods, and manufacturing processes…for a difference you can taste and feel.

Everything has a shelf life, and CBD is no different. So if those CBD gummies you bought in bulk during last year’s sale are still sitting in your cabinet, it may be time to consider tossing them out. 

But you don’t want to go too far and throw away any gummies that are still good to use. How do you know where to draw the line? Learning about the lifespan of CBD and gummies is a good place to start. 

Let’s dive in. 

What Are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are gummy supplements that have been infused with CBD extract. They are an extremely easy and convenient way to take CBD with minimal side effects. 

Gummies come with specified amounts of CBD in each one so the dosages can be easily measured. There is no smell, mess, or hassle to taking a CBD gummy making them great for taking them on the go. 

Since CBD gummies are edibles, they have to pass through the digestive tract and get metabolized by the liver before the full effects can settle in. It can take up to two hours for some people to feel the effects. 

But once effects come on they can last for a lot longer than alternative methods. Some people report experiencing effects for up to eight hours. Of course, many factors influence the effects you might feel. Body weight, metabolism, food intake, and the CBD gummy itself will all impact the amount of time it takes to feel the effects and how long they last. 

Why Eat CBD Gummies?

People take CBD gummies for a variety of reasons due to their beneficial properties. 

CBD has been found to help to support healthy inflammatory functionm which is connected to all kinds of things like pain and sensation. There have been many studies done that show CBD reduces inflammation and infection in the body. 

It may also provide support for focus and mindfulness. CBD has been shown to react with dopamine receptors in the body. This chemical plays a huge role in regulating behavior, memory, focus, and motivation. Studies also suggest that CBD can help to reduce depressive symptoms and other mental health disorders, too. 

CBD may also help promote healthy sleep cycles. Stress and anxiety are just two of the things thought to contribute to a bad night’s sleep. Many people take CBD to help then put their mind and body at ease to drift off a little easier at night. 

It may also give a boost of antioxidants that are good for overall health. CBD has high concentrations of antioxidants. Even more than things like vitamin E and vitamin C, These help the body to dissipate oxidative stress and may help our natural defenses fight off sickness. 

More studies are underway to fully understand the full benefits CBD can offer, but one thing is sure, there is a promising future to look forward to! 

How Long Does CBD Extract Last?

The typical lifespan of CBD extract is about two years. 

The extraction method used to pull the CBD out of hemp and the ingredients that the extract is mixed with impact its lifespan and can change the shelf life to much shorter periods. 

CBD that is extracted by C02 extraction may last longer than CBD extracted by other methods. C02 extraction is the most commonly used method since it is widely regarded as safe and effective. That is partly because this method minimizes oxidation which breaks down the molecules in CBD. Oxidization makes CBD less stable, and it can break down faster. 

In addition to the manufacturing processes, storage plays a great role in the shelflife of CBD.  

If CBD is not stored properly, it can break down much faster than it is supposed to. For example, leaving CBD in the sun for a long time can cause oxidation to happen, which will cause CBD gummies to expire more quickly, even before the date on the label suggests. 

So poorly-made CBD extract that is stored poorly will expire very quickly, while quality CBD stored properly can last up to two years. 

How Long Do Gummies Last?

In general, good-quality CBD gummies can last for up to a year (if store correctly; more about this below). They can even be taken a while past then, but their potency will start to lesson.  Also,their texture may become a bit more chewy or stale due to drying. And they may taste not as yummy since natural flavoring tends to lose its strength over time.

But don’t worry, when they do go “bad”, they don’t pose much of a health threat. Since they have such a high sugar content, bacteria have a hard time growing. Also, if the gummies contain preservatives, they is even harder for bacteria to take over. 

If you eat a gummy past its expiration date, the most you will probably have to worry about is an altered texture and flavor. 

Proper storage will help gummies live a long life. We outline how to properly store them below.

Properly Store Your CBD Gummies

Everything goes bad eventually, but with proper storage, you can make sure to extend the shelf life to the maximum length possible. There are three main factors to consider when finding the best place to store your CBD gummies. They are heat, light, and air. 

You should always try your best to keep your CBD products away from direct sunlight. Gummies are no different. 

Any type of gummy needs to be kept out of direct sunlight to avoid melting. And for CBD gummies, the sunlight will also break down the CBD extract inside and decrease the quality of their effects. To avoid this, it is best to store gummies in a dark space, such as in their original, opaque packaging stored in the medicine cabinet. 

Just like too much light, heat will also decrease the quality of CBD gummies. Too high of temperatures can completely destroy the CBD inside of your products. If your kitchen or bathroom cabinet sits in direct sunlight, it might not be a great option even if it is dark inside because it may be too hot for optimal storage. 

You also want to make sure your gummies don’t sit too near a microwave, toaster, oven, or any other type of heat source. You can always store your gummies in the fridge to keep them cool, dark, and safe. This might be your best bet if you live in a hot, humid climate. However, gummies do not have to be stored in a refrigerator to stay fresh.

It is not advised to keep them in the freezer as the the freezing-thawing processes can negative effect the gummies.  But, if you want to try freezing them, make sure to package them carefully. You may want to wrap them in plastic, then again in foil before closing them in an airtight container. Then, when you are ready to pull them out give them time to defrost slowly. 

Try to never leave edibles inside of a hot car. If you plan to take them somewhere, make sure to bring them inside with you or pack them inside a cooler so they are still good when you get around to taking them. 

Lastly, storing your CBD gummies in the open air will dry them out and reduce their quality. If your gummies didn’t come in an airtight container (such as a resealable pouch with zipper) then it is a good idea to switch them into one. 

A mason jar works great (just remember to keep it out of the sunlight), but you can use any type of airtight container you have laying around. 

Lastly, make sure you put your CBD gummies in a safe place and clearly label them so there is no chance of someone accidentally eating them. Be sure they are safely stored in a secure place so that children do not find them and accidentally eat them.   

What Happens if You Eat A Gummy After the Expiration Date?

If you eat a CBD gummy after its expiration date, chances are nothing will happen. You most likely won’t get sick.  But you probably won’t feel all or any of the positive effects you are hoping to get from taking CBD. 

Expiration dates on food are set to protect us from food that goes bad and can develop harmful bacteria. But since CBD gummies are made from mostly sugars and CBD extract, there is not much plant material available for bacteria to produce. 

But CBD does break down, and sugars do lose freshness. So your gummy might taste stale. And the CBD will lose potency so it might not be enough to do anything that you are used to. But of course, there are worst-case scenarios to be aware of. It is possible for mold to grow in gummies that could potentially get you sick. That is why it is best to air on the side of caution and alway throw out any gummies that are very old or moldy. 

Tips for Buying Gummies That Will Last

You should always check the expiration date before purchasing new products. You can try to find products that are at least six months away from expiring. If there is no expiration date on the product you are considering, you can always contact the company directly with the product batch number and ask for the expiration date. 

The next tip is to only purchase what you need for about a month’s time. Sure, it might be convenient to stock up all at once, but you get much fresher products if you don’t. This tip applies to any type of CBD product but is especially relevant for edibles. You don’t want to end up wasting money on gummies that expire on you, losing quality and potency. 

Also, make sure to store CBD gummies properly, just like we outlined above. This is one of the most important tips to remember. Improper storage is the number one way to age your CBD prematurely. 

Lastly, steer clear of buying low-quality CBD gummies. Gummies that are low quality might be so for several reasons, like poor extraction methods or added synthetics. Both of these things aid in the breakdown of CBD and will lead to products that expire sooner. 

A high-quality CBD gummy will last longer and taste better too. Try to find a product sourced from organic hemp from the U.S. And look for something that uses natural ingredients and flavors. The best brands make all of this information easily available on their website and include it right on their product labels. 

Yummy CBD gummies get their sweet and tangy flavor from real fruits. And they are made with high-quality all-natural ingredients. We source our hemp from organic U.S. farms that use environmentally friendly processes. And of course, we get all of our products tested by third-party labs to ensure their safety and efficacy. Our gummies should be good on the shelf for a year if kept in proper conditions. 

How to Tell if a Gummy Is Bad?

Even with responsible storing practices, it is possible for gummies to go bad sooner than you might think. There are a few red flags that can sound the alarm on gummies that are past their prime. 

Here are some things to watch out for discoloration; loss or change in smell rough, brittle, or dry texture; any signs of mold or mildew; and condensation inside the container

If any of your gummies show any of these signs, it might be the best option to toss the lot. Although you probably won’t get sick, you will be better off buying a new batch with fresh CBD that will be sure to give the results you are looking for.