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If regular sleep, relief from anxiety, or a reduction in pain are among the critical things eluding you, and traditional methods have failed to help, CBD gummies could be the ideal next step. The benefits of CBD gummies and other CBD infused products have been shown to help people with a wide range of issues, both as a stand-alone option or as a complementary supplement to prescribed treatment.

However, not all CBD products are created equal. It’s very important that you know where your CBD has been sourced from, how it has been extracted and infused, and what its specific chemical composition is before adding it to your daily regimen.

There are very specific laws regulating the manufacturing and labeling of CBD gummies. That’s why it is critical to buy from a supplier who meets these rigorous standards. If you buy unregulated products, you could be getting CBD that has been diluted, mixed with other unknown substances, or even taken from non-legal sources.

When you get high quality CBD, it can make all the difference in the world. You’ll be able to depend on the consistency from dose to dose, get the maximum effect from each gummy, and adjust your personal consumption until you get the results you want. 

To have an optimal experience with CBD, it is important to your research before you buy. That research starts here!

CBD Basics

First, exactly what is CBD? CBD is shorthand for cannabidiol, which is the most prolific cannabinoid found in the Cannabis sativa plant. The Cannabis sativa plant contains many more cannabinoids, each with their own properties, as well as other helpful chemical compounds such as terpenes, which are responsible for how things smell and taste as well as enhance the power of the cannabinoids. 

What’s interesting is that the human body also makes cannabinoids to modulate common functions, like mood, metabolism, sleep patterns, and pain signals. These “endocannabinoids” work by interacting with endocannabinoid system (ECS), which runs throughout the body. The ECS connects to the central and peripheral nervous systems to send or block messages between the nerves and the brain. 

Scientists have discovered that the plant-based cannabinoids – called phytocannabinoids – also can interact with the ECS on different levels. If your body’s production of endocannabinoids isn’t sufficient to help properly regulate sleep, mood, or pain signals, adding phytocannabinoids may help.

Some cannabinoids like CBD are able to maximize and prolong the effects of natural endocannabinoids. Others, like THC, can actually bind to the receptors themselves, creating a psychoactive effect (such as paranoia or euphoria.) 

Legal CBD 

Unlike other cannabinoids in the Cannabis sativa plant, THC is a psychoactive and is considered a controlled substance. So, in order to get the benefits of CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids without the unwanted effects of THC, certain strains of the Cannabis sativa plant have been bred specifically to reduce the amount of THC they contain.

These plants contain less than 0.3% THC and are categorized as “industrial hemp” by the U.S. government. Any plant with more than 0.3% THC is categorized as marijuana, which remains generally banned at federal level. 

This is why it’s so crucial to understand what CBD is, where it comes from, and how legal CBD is sourced before buying CBD products. Once you’ve ascertained if CBD has been correctly sourced from legal hemp, it’s time to look at the type.

CBD Types

There are three different types of CBD: isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum. All three contain CBD, but broad-spectrum and full-spectrum also contain otter chemical compounds from the hemp plant.

The purest form of CBD is CBD isolate. This is an extract that has been purified until everything else is stripped away and only CBD is left. There are no other cannabinoids, no terpenes, and no essential oils from the hemp plant left. 

This type of CBD can have beneficial uses, but its power is less than spectrum CBD types because of what is known as “the entourage effect.” Research has shown that the more compounds from the hemp plant included in a CBD product, the better the product works. 

Basically, other cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant enhance and boost the power of the CBD, helping it work faster and better than CBD alone. Broad-spectrum CBD adds in several cannabinoids and terpenes to make a stronger product.

Full-spectrum CBD includes all of the chemical compounds from the hemp plant, including that tiny, legal amount of THC (under 0.3%.) This trace THC isn’t enough to cause a psychoactive effect, but it does give CBD products that extra bit of punch, delivering an optimized experience.

All of Yummy CBD products are made with legally sourced, full-spectrum CBD from organic hemp grown right here in the USA. We use full-spectrum because we want our customers to get the maximum benefits of taking CBD gummies and oils.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Gummies?

There are plenty of benefits of CBD gummies, and more uses for CBD are being discovered all the time. Since CBD was only recently legalized at federal level, research is still in the early stages, but both science and a vast collection of testimonial evidence from people who have regularly taken CBD indicate that there are far reaching benefits to be found in CBD.

If you are looking to take CBD for any of these potential benefits and are currently under a doctor’s care, be sure to consult with them first. Likewise, if you are pregnant or nursing, talk to you healthcare provider before taking products containing CBD. In addition, CBD products are not intended for children. 


In one well received human study, participants nervous about public speaking were given either a varying amount of CBD or a placebo before a presentation. They then performed their public speaking task, and the ones who were given larger doses of CBD instead of the placebo or minor doses reported that their anxiety was much lessened.


CBD can have a positive effect on people who have lost their appetite. Reluctance to eat or inability to keep food down due to nausea can be caused by side effects of cancer or cancer treatments like chemotherapy or radiation. They can also be caused by eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia. Full-spectrum CBD can help boost appetite in part possibly because of the presence of terpenes, which affect taste and smell and may make food seem more palatable. 


Arthritis is caused by wear and tear on the soft tissues inside the joints: cartilage gradually wears away, and synovial fluid – which keeps joints “oiled” – decreases. This can cause grating and grinding as bones rub together, as well as inflammation and pain. CBD taken orally has been shown to help reduce the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, and patients in one study reported being able to sleep better at night as well, although whether that was directly caused by the CBD or a happy side effect of lessened pain wasn’t clear.   

Chronic Pain

Hundreds of thousands of Americans suffer daily from chronic pain. When over-the-counter medications don’t work and opioids are too dangerous or too restricted, CBD is being see mor and more and a better option to help relieve unremitting pain from a number of degenerative diseases or injuries and help provide an analgesic effect without causing stomach upset or loss of cognitive function. 


CBD seemed to have a positive effect as an antidepressant in one mouse model study in which certain mice showing signs of depression were dosed with CBD and appeared to improve afterwards. There are many anecdotal stories from people who say that they have successfully used CBD to help with their feelings of depression.


CBD tested on human cells has been shown to lower insulin resistance. This can be helpful for people with diabetes, since in many cases the core issue is cellular resistance to insulin. When insulin can’t enter cells to manage glucose, sugar levels rise in the blood, causing an increase in a host of additional health risks like cardiac disease, stroke, neuropathy, retinal detachment, and other conditions.  


The FDA has actually approved a special CBD-containing drug to help treat certain forms of epilepsy. Due to the success of these groundbreaking CBD-based drugs, parents of children with rare seizure-inducing diseases are pushing for the right to administer CBD to their children in need of help with their debilitating condition.   

Pathological Disorders

There have been numerous preclinical and clinical studies that point to CBD having strong  anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. People with certain diseases that attack the brain and nervous system may benefit from these properties, as may those who suffer from chronic illness or conditions caused by compromised immune systems or inflammatory states. Among these progrressive and often fatal diseases are Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, also known as Lou Gherigs’ disease), fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis (MS), and Parkinson’s disease. 


Post-traumatic stress disorder affects millions of Americans, ranging from veterans to child abuse survivors, and often manifests as increased anxiety and panic attacks. One small study of PTSD patients undergoing regular psychiatric outpatient care involved providing CBD as a supplementary therapy for eight weeks. All but one of the participants in the study reported a marked reduction in their PTSD related symptoms.


Preclinical animal and human clinical trials experimenting with the use of CBD for opioid addiction recovery have shown promising results. One group of people with heroin use disorder was given CBD, and they experienced a significant reduction in withdrawal-related anxiety, cue-induced cravings, salivary cortisol levels, and resting heart rate. Others noted that CBD helps with withdrawal related side effects such as sleep disorder, anxiety, and intermittent pain.  


Another potential connection to the anxiety-reducing side of CBD is the fact that even people who don’t say they experience anxiety report feeling more relaxed and less stressed after consuming CBD. The ability to slow down and relax after a busy day instead of having your mind race and jump from one thing to another helps a lot of people.


While CBD for sleep isn’t unconditionally proven, people repeatedly claim they sleep better when they take CBD, even if they don’t consciously suffer from a specific problem keeping them awake, such as anxiety or pain. When it comes to sleep and CBD, it does appear to work much better when combined with an additional proven and natural sleep aid, such as melatonin, which the brain makes but people may be deficient in.

Topical CBD

Skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis, dry skin, eczema, irritation from shaving or waxing, psoriasis, rashes or rosacea may benefit from topical applcaiiton of CBD, according to self-reported success from many people who use CBD oil, creams, gels, lotions, or even bath bombs to soak the CBD into their skin. There is, however, no concrete evidence that ingested CBD will have an effect on skin conditions.

Taking CBD Gummies

Our Yummy CBD gummies come in a light-resistant, reclosable pouch for freshness and convenience. We recommend CBD gummies be stored safely so they are not accessed by children mistaking them for regular gummies.

Since CBD on its own has a distinct taste that not everyone enjoys, our gummies come in four delicious fruity flavors – watermelon, green apple, pineapple, and grape.  Each pouch contains a mix of all four flavors for your taste enjoyment.

Each pouch contains 30 gummies, for a total of 720 mg of CBD. You can check the third-party report from the lab that batch tested the gummies to verify their potency and purity and that the CBD originated from legal hemp.  Just scan the QR code on the pouch or on our Lab Results webpage.

You might want to start with one gummy a day or try one in the morning and one at night. Remember it can take an hour or more for gummies to take effect, since they have to go through the digestive system. We recommend tracking your results in a journal, and after one month try adding an extra gummy to see if the effects increase or stay about the same.  

Want more information about the benefits of CBD gummies?  Review our helpful CBD Buyer’s Guide, then head over to our SHOP page to check out our full-spectrum Yummy CBD products, including both of our gummy varieties and our popular CBD oil tinctures.