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People take CBD for all kinds of reasons. This can make it a little confusing to know what to take CBD for. But if you are doing research to find out what the effects of CBD oil are, then you came to the right place. We are going to cover all of the effects you may experience with CBD oil right now. 

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD is a chemical that occurs naturally in cannabis. Although it comes from cannabis, it does not have any psychoactive properties and it will not get you high. The active ingredient that does cause intoxication is THC. This compound is most concentrated in marijuana, but CBD grows in higher concentrations in hemp plants. 

CBD is extracted from hemp that has less than .3%THC. This extract is processed until it is ready to be sold to consumers. It is usually processed into one of three finished CBD extract types. They are CBD isolate, broad spectrum CBD, and full spectrum CBD. These different CBD extract types can be manufactured into endless different forms of CBD. One popular way to try CBD is with CBD oil. 

CBD oil is the finished product that is created from CBD extract. It is usually mixed with a carrier oil like coconut oil or MTC oil which increases its bioavailability and helps it be absorbed by the body. 

Why People Take CBD Oil

There are many reasons that people decide to add CBD into their everyday routine. For many, it is a desire to feel good, with less stress. 

Another reason that people turn to CBD is that it offers health benefits without psychoactive effects. It may help with providing some relief for stress and anxiety. For some, CBD may also be a promising sleep aid and can even help in cases of insomnia or epilepsy. CBD may also have natural healing properties that may help with aches and pains. 

Some people with addictions to opiates or other strong drugs report finding help by using CBD products. Studies show that trying CBD products can make individuals feel less craving after being exposed to a drug. Those who are recovering addicts may be apprehensive about trying products like Methadone or Suboxone. CBD can be an effective alternate treatment for some who are seeking to reduce cravings and drug use. 

CBD Oil Uses

Some people might not try CBD because they don’t know how they should take it. 

Topical applications are put on the body and work quickly. This can be a cream, lotion, balm, or salve that is applied directly to the desired area. Usually, the formulations of topicals use other natural ingredients like essential oils and coconut oil that also have therapeutic benefits.  

Another option for trying CBD is to vape it. Although, it is very important to be aware that vaping comes with the risk of certain health conditions and lung damage, so it is not recommended. There are a variety of different ways that you can smoke or vape CBD oil products. Some people choose this method because of its almost immediate effects, but this method also produces effects that wear off the fastest. This means you will need to consume more products regularly to feel the effects you want. 

Our CBD oil can be taken sublingually, or as a traditional edible. 

To take it sublingually, shake the bottle well before use. Unscrew the cap and fill the dropper to your desired amount. Place the droplets under your tongue and hold still without swallowing for about 60 to 90 seconds. For optimal bioavailability, take the oil right after a meal. This will help slow things down and offer more time for absorption. This method can take up to 20-30 minutes for people to see the benefits and it may last for about 2 to 6 hours. 

Orally ingesting CBD is another common way to try out your favorite products. This is a good place to start if you are a beginner. Capsules are easy as they come in pre-measured sizes and dosing is consistent. Another popular ingestable option are gummies. Gummies work best when you have the time to let the effects settle in. Because they are digested and metabolized by the liver before they take effect it can take up to 2 hours to fully feel the effects of the CBD you ate. But, when ingested, the benefits of CBD oil can last up to 4 to 8 hours. 

Each person’s response is different, and someone’s body weight and food intake can factor in on the timeframe and effects. Regular use of CBD products is the best way to enhance their overall effectiveness. 

Benefits of CBD Oil

People take CBD oil to achieve a variety of benefits. For some people, it may offer some help with pain relief. For others, it may offer help with anxiety or stress. 

One Brazillian study of 57 men had them take CBD before undergoing a public speaking test. The study found that taking a 300-milligram dose of CBD had the best results for significantly reducing test anxiety. 

And CBD oil has been safely used to treat insomnia and anxiety in children who have post-traumatic stress disorder. Another study found that CBD may be effective at reducing symptoms related to PTSD like nightmares in adults. 

Another potential of CBD is that it may be able to reduce certain cancer-related symptoms and side effects related to cancer treatment. It may be able to help with things like nausea, vomiting, and pain. One study compared the effects of CBD and THC. It included 177 people living with cancer-related pain who did not get relief from taking traditional pain medications. The people in the study who experienced the most pain reduction were the ones who took both CBD and THC. The people who only took THC did not have the same results. 

For people living with glioblastoma, some recent studies suggest that a combination treatment of CBD and THC may help to extend the life of some with this aggressive form of cancer. This is a promising finding although research in this area is still limited. 

Even though CBD may be helpful to some people with cancer, more research is needed to see whether or not it is a good option to take it regularly as a part of cancer symptom management. If you have cancer and are interested in trying CBD, take the time to consult your medical team first. 

Another benefit that may come from taking CBD is its potential neuroprotective properties. Researchers think that how CBD interacts in the endocannabinoid system may provide some benefit to people with neurological disorders. There are many well-documented studies that show CBD is effective in treating certain neurological disorders like epilepsy and MS. Several studies have also shown that treatment with CBD may be able to help improve sleep quality and the overall quality of life for people with Parkinson’s disease

CBD may have benefits for heart health as well. CBD has been linked to being able to lower high blood pressure. And it has been linked to a number of other heart and circulatory system benefits. These benefits are appealing because high blood pressure is connected to a number of other sometimes fatal health conditions like stroke, heart attack, and metabolic syndrome. 

One study found that taking CBD for a prolonged period of time led to reduced blood pressure levels as well as reduced arterial stiffness and improved blood flow through the arteries. 

Antipsychotic effects are also a potential benefit of CBD. Some studies suggest that it may be able to help people who are dealing with schizophrenia and other mental health conditions by reducing symptoms of psychosis. It may also be able to help relieve anxiety and depression in people who are drug dependent on certain drugs like heroin. 

And some people take CBD to get help falling or staying asleep. CBD has been shown to help with insomnia and may be able to help with other types of sleep disorders as well. 

Effects of CBD Oil

For most people, CBD helps them to relax. There are no intoxicating effects, so CBD doesn’t have any intense onset of effects. Instead, feelings of calmness gradually creep up until you feel well-balanced and comfortable. 

Dosing and routine matters for achieving helpful results for health benefits. It is important to find a product that you love and use regularly. CBD has the best effects when it is used for a prolonged period of time in a regular pattern. 

Side Effects of CBD Oil

Though everyone is different, people who try CBD products may experience some mild side effects. It may cause issues such as dry mouth, reduce appetite, drowsiness, diarrhea, or fatigue. 

Another side effect that might come with CBD is that it may interact with the current medications you are on, such as blood thinners. This is why it is always the best idea to check with your doctor before starting a CBD product. CBD has been found to interact with a variety of different medications, including antidepressants, seizure medications, diabetes medications, and more. If you are taking any medications at all make sure to consult with your healthcare provider first, before taking CBD. 

How to Find Safe CBD Oil

One reason someone might experience a negative side effect from CBD is that is a bad product. The market is completely saturated with CBD products, and sadly, many of them are low quality. CBD is added to food, beverages, lotions, dietary supplements, bath bombs, and so much more. All of these items are being marketed as a way to improve life in some way, but not all of them can deliver on these hefty claims. 

CBD is not a magical cure-all for any type of health condition. And making unsupported claims about their products isn’t the only thing they are doing wrong. Some companies are also putting the wrong information on their labels making it almost impossible for consumers to know what they are putting into their bodies. 

Studies have been done on online orders of CBD that show that some products contain less CBD than their label lists. Instead, high levels of THC are found in place of these products. Full-spectrum CBD products legally must contain no more than 0.3% THC. 

But because CBD is not regulated by the FDA, lots of unscrupulous companies slip through the cracks and are able to sell false products to unknowing consumers. This is something to keep in mind when buying any products online. Always make sure to check the ratings and customer reviews to ensure credibility before providing your banking information. Legitimate companies usually offer a money-back guarantee and post certified lab results for their products. 

We don’t want you to have any concerns about the reliability, purity, or dosing of our products. All of our products are carefully crafted using hemp from organic USA farms. Our processing is done in certified facilities and our oil is USDA Organic certified by MOSA.

Yummy CBD Oil

We pride ourselves on making a delicious, safe, and effective product we are sure you will love. 

Yummy CBD products undergo rigorous testing by an independent third-party lab to certify that THC levels meet legal standards of less than 0.3%. You can visit our website and see the Certificate of Analysis (CoA) that shows the exact levels for every batch that we produce. 

To maintain the quality and safety of your products, keep your CBD oils sealed tight and store them in a cool and dark place. Yummy CBD products don’t require refrigeration and can last up to 1 year.