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Month: July 2022

Top CBD Oil Uses

CBD (which is shorthand for cannabidiol) is one of many chemical compounds derived from the hemp plant.  To make CBD oil, CBD extract is usually mixed with an inert carrier oil, like coconut oil. It can then be ingested.  Once the CBD is in the body, it interacts with the endocannabinoid system. This system is …

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How to take CBD

CBD can be taken several different ways, including sublingually (such as CBD oil and sprays), ingested (such as gummies and capsules), through the skin (such as lotions and bath bombs), and inhaled (such as vaping and smoking).  The delivery method you select will have a different effect on your body. For example, how long it …

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CBD Oil on Skin

What Is CBD? CBD or cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid that comes from hemp. It interacts with our endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for maintaining a number of important functions necessary for our overall wellbeing. CBD grows naturally in cannabis. It is legal throughout the U.S. as long as it is sourced from hemp with …

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